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We have years of experience in creating, designing and manufacturing games


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Av. Richard Neybergh 28, 1020 Laeken| Brussel, Belgium


Our Team

Noa Maes

Noa Maes

Function Project Manager and Frontend Developer. Marketing & Community Support

Socials Twitter: @NoaMaes_ Discord - NoaMaes#0176

About Project Manager and Frontend Developer. Noa Maes graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and used his talents to focus on painting, designing user interfaces, building dapps and websites. He has dedicated himself to learn how to code and specializes in frontend software development. The emergence of the NFT space has allowed him the opportunity to combine his talents and share his work with the world. Noa his art is primarily focused on oriental subjects.

Bas Verbeek

Bas Verbeek

Function Architect and Lead Developer Graphic Designer & 3D Designer

Socials Twitter: @BasVerbeek_ Discord - BasVerbeek#8225

About Software Architect and Lead Developer. Bas Verbeek has over nine years of experience working as a software engineer, graphic designing and technical lead focusing on building 3D developing projects. He has focused much of his attention in recent years on blockchain development and the NFT phenomenon. Bas is a natural fit on the Emoticoons team where his eagerness to deploy his skills and knowledge moves the project along.

Erica Restrepo

Erica Restrepo

Function Head of communication & promotion Graphic designer

Social Discord: Erica_Restrepo#2540

About Head of communications - Communication plays a very important role in team building and extracting the best out of the team members. A team member must clearly understand what his fellow team members are up to. This is where Erica steps in, she is graduated from high business school marketing and communication, and has worked for various companies where she was able to show her skills perfectly.


Our experienced management ensures that all community needs are met. Emoticoons will grow into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) An integrated on-chain open economy, driven by on-chain decentralized player governance.


Our production team consists of skilled and motivated employees who take pride in meeting the high quality standards we impose on ourselves. As the population increases, we will expand our team


The core of the game revolves around collecting gold tokens and upgrading your NFT characters, buildings, competing in daily quests, single player games, multi-player games, events and much more. Players need an emoticoon character to play the games. Levelling up their emoticoons by training and equip their characters with potions and gear to enhance chances of winning in multi-player events.

Emoticoons is also focused on provided value and utility to the game and its token. This is done through rewarding players with golden tokens, items, and potions for completing games & quests. 

Characters generate the player both passive and active income in the form of Golden Tokens and Emoticoon Tokens (EMO token). These NFTs are mostly skins and equipment to level up and further increase the power of the players’ characters. There will be separate phases with limited features activated available before the full Coonverse will go live.

Learn more about Emoticoons by downloading our white paper