COMPLETED - 2021-2022

Build, create characters, buildings, and items
Release of White Paper
Launch of Social Media Accounts for Emoticoons
Launch of
Promo NFT Launches across social media
Giveaway campaign
Founders airdrop
Introducing wearable NFTs

CURRENT - 2022 Q1

Emoticoons founders sale
City plot building sale
NFT boxes reveal
Airdrops for city plot owners
Promo AR Coon competition
Release game footage

PHASE 1 - 2022 Q2 / Q3
Release of the players-hub & city plot land claims
Release of the full game introduction manual
View the city plot map
Display emoticoons collection
Play Coon Runners single player (P2E game)
View leader board
Referral program
Upgrade emoticoons attribute levels
Buy, trade, and sell NFTs
Release of unlockable 3D Model files.

PHASE 2 - 2022 Q3 / Q4
Play Coon Runners multi-player (PvP) + (Balloon Battle) + (Tower Defender)
Release of two new mini-games (Pool & Mini-golf)
Release new characters
Customize buildings
Property Builder
Furniture NFTs
Wearable NFts update.
EMO token contract launch
Opening of coon city
Asset staking launch
Lending & Renting NFTs
Build or host guilds
Play2Earn events
Add friends/players
Text chat
Marketing campaign




World map expansion (The Coonverse)
Sponsored Drops with commercial partners.
Open world events & quests
New characters (Season 3)
New buildings (Season 2)
Introducing commercial properties
New wearable NFTs
Adding more mini games
In-game marketplace
Emoticoons shop
Token staking launch
Attribute expansion
Training camps
PvP battles
Crafting system
In-game casino
Guild battles
Party system
Voice chats
Voting system
Application for android / OS play stores
Mobile Game Launch
Many more!