The Season 1 collectibles are divided into different categories, Founders & Early Supporter Pass, Founders Emoticoons, Wearables and City Plot Buildings. Each rarity provides different valuable attributes, privileges and staking multipliers. 

Through the Players-hub you have access to all unlockable files attached to you Emoticoon NFTs.

Each of your NFTs includes:
Augmented Reality 3D files (. GLB and. USDZ)
3D printable files (.STL)
A custom-made profile picture (.PNG)
Fully commercial rights


Emoticoons Founders Pass
The Emoticoon Founder's Pass shows everyone you have been a supporter from the very beginning.

Founder's Passes will provide holders with incredible benefits in a number of exciting ways that will evolve over time. Potential utility within and outside of the Coonverse includes: in-game avatar special effects, discount on future emoticoon drop sales, access to exclusive Emoticoon NFTs, founders discord role, in-game golden founders badge, exclusive founders airdrops, increased staking rewards and other future use cases as the coonverse grows. 

There will only be 250 Founders Passes ever minted.

Early Supporter Pass


Especially for our early beloved community members we have the early supporter pass. 


The Emoticoons Early Supporter Pass provides holders with a few benefits in a number of exciting ways that will evolve over time. Potential utility inside and outside the Coonverse includes: early supporter discord role, in-game early supporters badge and other future use cases as the reverse grows.


There will only be 800 Early Supporter Passes ever minted.

Emoticoons Wearables
The first emoticoon wearable NFTs are the Founders Booster Sneakers!

These are not just sneakers, your emoticoon can actually wear these sneakers!! These limited edition Booster Sneakers will help your emoticoon character to run faster in the upcoming mini-games and coonverse. Besides that, these sneakers are equipped with AR/VR files, which means that these sneakers offer endless possibilities in the future of virtual & augmented reality and the associated metaverses.


 The first Emoticoons wearable NFTs offer a new way to express yourself, give you advantage in our future game, and it is an individual piece of walking art, which can also be worn as a founder status symbol.

Only 250 Booster Sneakers will ever be minted!

Founders Emoticoons

During phase 1 we release 10 different emotion faces available in 6 rarities, that's a total of 60 unique 3D founder emoticoons. 
The characters will all have five attributes that can be increased within the game. Your type of character and the attribute levels play a significant role during staking and will be included in the computing power used to calculate the number of tokens that are released to you.

2. XP (XP)

Common - White Plastic
Uncommon = Black Plastic
Rare = Anodized Metal
Extra Rare = Brown Copper
Epic = Brushed Metal
Legendary = Gold

Staking Multiplier
Common - multiplier: x1
Uncommon - multiplier: x2
Rare - multiplier: x4
Extra Rare - multiplier: x5
Epic - multiplier: x8
Legendary - multiplier: x10

Common - supply 300 | total supply 3000
Uncommon - supply 150 | total supply 1500
Rare - supply 75 | total supply 750
Extra rare - supply 50 | total supply 500
Epic - supply 25 |  total supply 250
Legendary - supply 6 | total supply 60

City Plot Buildings

During phase 1 of the coonverse there will be 3 different buildings with a total supply of 2250 city plots available.

Small House - RARE
- Floors: 1
- Fully designable
- Display NFT collection
- Eligible for Airdrops
- Staking multiplier: x5
- Total Supply: 1000

Residential House - EPIC
- Floors: 2
- Fully designable
- Display NFT collection
- Eligible for airdrops
- Staking multiplier: x10
- Supply: 750

Villa House - Legendary
- Floors 4
- Fully designable
- Display NFT collection
- Eligible for airdrops
- Staking multiplier: x20
- Supply: 500